If you been down to Disney in the past couple of years, you know how awesome it can be, but you also know how frustrating it can be as well!

Melody is set to take her daughter Amber down to disneyfor a week, so we did some research and how our Top 5 Disney Hacks:

1. Sit in the Back of the Safari Ride - If you miss an animal, you can just turn around and see it. If you are sitting in the front when you turn around all you see are the other passengers.

2. Start in the back of the park - This is a great way to avoid long lines. People are so eager to get their fun time started, they goto the 1st ride they see. If you start in the back and make your way back to the front, you should have shorter lines.

3. Save on Stroller rentals when you reserve online - If you have young kids that need to be in a stroller during your trip to Disney you can save a couple of bucks by reserving your stroller online. You can save anywhere between $2-5 depending on how many days you need the stroller for.

4. Book Breakfast with Characters - If your kids JUST HAVE to have a meal with their favorite character, it is cheaper to book a breakfast with them instead of lunch or dinner. Plus as an added bonus, if your breakfast takes place before the park opens, you get in early!

5. Enter through the gift shops - If you didn't know this, but all the shops on Main Street USA are all connected! You can avoid the crowds on Main Street just by moving thru the gift shops!

What are your Disney Hacks??

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