Thursday the owner of One Seneca Tower presented a $100M plan to revitalize the property.  Buffalo's tallest tower is overdue for some Buffalove!


Current owner Douglas Jemal, a Washington-area developer and President of Douglas Development Corporation, has plans for a mixed-use property with restaurants, retail shopping, hotels, services, and more.  The project is planned for the spring and is estimated to only take a year to complete.


Photo Credit: Matt Pitts
Photo Credit: Matt Pitts

Now I'm not going to hold my breath on the year completion, because if you have ever been around a construction project you know that it almost never finishes on time.  Plus this is just the planning phase, so anything could change before it starts.


Also, between the asbestos in the building and the owners somewhat sketchy past, the project may have more problems than expected.  Mr. Jemal was found guilty of wire fraud in connection with an acquittal he received for bribing a DC city official for favorable contracts.


With all of that said, I am super pumped about this news.  Buffalo was in such a stalemate for so long that all of this new life, and new money, has the city feeling vibrant again.  The fact that this building, which was left to deteriorate, is now going to get another chance and be a cornerstone in the city is exciting.


I will take my chances with almost anyone looking to invest in the Queen City, and why not?  It only means that we are getting bigger and better, and the best days of this city are still ahead.  The Resurgence continues!


For more on this story, check out Channel 2's news coverage HERE.




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