When you think of New York State and pizza, chances are that there is one city that instantly jumps into your mind, and that would be "The Big Apple" New York City.

But New York City is not the best city in New York State, at least according to this new survey.

The website www.listwithclever.com recently put out their list of the best pizza cities in America and while New York City made the list at #15 overall, it was Buffalo, New York that took home the crown of the best pizza city in New York State.

In fact, Buffalo was named the 2nd best pizza city in America. Part of the reason that Buffalo was so high on the list is that there are nearly 18 pizza places per 100,000 residents which was the highest rate of any city and more than double the national average of 8.4 per 100,000.


The average cost of a large cheese pizza in Buffalo is around $20 and the average rating for pizzerias in Buffalo on Yelp! was 3.83. Buffalo jumped 7 spots from 2023 from #9 overall to #2 this year.

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New York City moved up four spots from last year from #19 to #15. The biggest reason for New York City to be at #15 was the cost of a large cheese pizza. On average it cost New Yorkers almost $30 per pie.

Here is a look at the Top 15 best pizza cities in America.

1 Denver, CO
2 Buffalo, NY
3 Boston, MA
4 Philadelphia, PA
5 San Diego, CA
6 San Francisco, CA
7 Hartford, CT
8 Washington, DC
9 Detroit, MI
10 Pittsburgh, PA
11 San Jose, CA
12 Phoenix, AZ
13 Sacramento, CA
14 Chicago, IL
15 New York, NY

You can check the whole list of "Best Pizza Cities In America" HERE.

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