PART II in my attempt to move us around, in our vehicles, smartly, safely, and swiftly.

I hope this series will act as Public Service Message to anyone who operates a motor vehicle! If you do any of the things below, consider the following advice, tips, whatever, my gift to you. By changing, any and all of these habits will not only make you a better driver it will make you a better human being.  After all, we all share the same roadways and we all do live in a society.

TEXTING, EATING, MAKE-OVERS: Pull over to do any of these things.  We are not that coordinated to drive distracted at the same time.  Try doing one thing very well instead of two or more things terribly.

TALKING ON YOUR CELL PHONE: See above OR purchase a hands free unit. HOWEVER, if you like living on the edge with the potential of paying New York State $100-$150 here is a tip:  If you are going to hold your phone up to your ear, at least do it on the right hand side of your head.  Why would you want to hold it on your left, next to the driver’s window, for the entire world, including the police, to see!?!

TRAFFIC SIGNALS: Before I get to this next section, I want to go on record as to say: The flow of traffic in this area, especially in Buffalo, is ridiculous!  The timing of the lights combined with the number AND placement of them is mind numbing. Delaware Avenue and MAIN STREET, to name a few…are pathetic! Mind you, I live in Buffalo and work downtown.  I live less than two (2) miles from where I work and it takes me 10-15 minutes to get to either place.  Trust me, it is not because of vehicle traffic, it’s because of these Three Color Hanging Menaces!

Growing up did you ever play the game RED LIGHT/GREEN LIGHT? Run as fast and as far as you can when you hear “GREEN LIGHT!” Then stop dead in your tracks when you hear “RED LIGHT!”All the while trying not to get caught moving. It was fun as a kid wasn’t it? As an adult trying to go from point A to B in a vehicle, not so much!

Here are a few tips to help yourself and fellow motorists at least cope with the aggravation.

RED LIGHT TO GREEN: The STOP LIGHT (when RED) is not time to “drift off”, clean out your glove box or day dream.  When the light goes GREEN be ready to move forward- Why are there delays every time a light goes GREEN.  I have been in delays so long (non accident) that the light turns RED again and I’m still in the same spot.

Outside of a stalled vehicle, or any other obstruction preventing the continuation of traffic everyone, if paying attention, should all be moving at the same time.  Have you ever seen a colony of ants stop and stand still in a line?  Ants have a better sense of traffic flow than we do-

TURNING: When allowed, you can turn right on RED. If you are in a single lane turning left into oncoming traffic, for the love of Henry Ford PULL UNDER THE LIGHT!  Yes, creep up under that green light.  Make sure you are far enough away so you can still see it when it turns yellow to red but close enough so other cars behind you who are not turning can get around you.

This also works well if you are in the right lane going straight and the person behind you wants to turn right.  If you are first in line, show some love (and common sense) and pull up just enough to let your fellow motorist continue their journey.

And YES- Unless otherwise posted

You can turn LEFT at a RED LIGHT if you are turning on to a ONE WAY STREET going in the same direction- Consider that the next time you are turning left on Elmwood Avenue between CITY HALL and CITY COURT

So there you have it- HONK if you agree!


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