New York State Attorney General Letitia James has released videos of a man being shot by a New York State Police Trooper in downtown Buffalo. The incident took place on February 12, 2022, after the officers tried to stop the man who was allegedly driving erratically. In the video, Trooper Nigro can be seen trying to grab the driver through the driver's side window. He is verbally instructing the driver to get out of the vehicle, saying "get the f*%k out multiple times. The driver refuses and can be heard saying "go away" and "no." The man, 38-year-old James Huber of North East, Pennsylvania, has his left hand on the steering wheel and his right hand on the gear shift. The officer has his weapon pointed right at Huber's head, in very close proximity. Then Trooper Nigro shoots the man. It is not clear from the video if the man had any type of weapon or posed any threat, but he was still sitting in the car when he was shot. It sounds like the Trooper fired two gunshots into the vehicle. The car ended up crashing and landing with the passenger side down on the ground.

Warning: The Video Contains Graphic Images And May Not Be Suitable For All Viewers

There are two other body cam videos, which you can view here. A GoFundMe page has been set up for Huber's burial expenses,

Original Story:

A New York Police Trooper killed a person who was allegedly driving erratically in Buffalo. The incident began on I-90 around 10:30 am on Saturday, February 12, 2022. Troopers were trying to stop a person driving erratically. As police pursued, the driver exited onto I-190. The driver then exited into the City of Buffalo. Troopers found the driver, who had pulled over, talking to other people on East Eagle Street near Washington Street. Troopers approached the vehicle and gave the driver verbal commands. At some point, a trooper fired his weapon at the driver. It's not made clear by the New York State Police as to why the officer felt the need to shoot. The driver died at the scene. The trooper sustained minor injuries. The New York State Attorney General's Office is investigating the fatal shooting.

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