Perhaps we oughta call these men the real Duck Dynasty or how about, wait for it..... Duck, Duck Sleuths?

A family of ducks trying to cross a portion of I-87 in Albany ended up in a storm drain, stranded without their mom and probably had little chance for survival had it not been for the heroic action of a couple of New York State Troopers on Friday.

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According to post on Facebook by the NYSP,  Troopers Mark Lischak and Francisco Cordero responded to a call a bit out of the ordinary when they had learned  that a family of ducks tried to cross the Thruway in a portion of Albany.  About half of them ended up trapped in a storm drain.

Photo: NYSP Facebook
Photo: NYSP Facebook

Sadly, their mom hasn't been found but her babies are in good hands now after it was reported that about half of the babies needed to be rescued:

"Turns out, more than half the ducklings had fallen into a storm drain under I-87. After Thruway maintenance removed the storm drain grate, Trooper Lischak climbed into the drain to rescue the stranded ducks.
After searching the area for the mother with no luck, 13 ducklings were turned over to an avian and fowl expert in Greene County who works with wild & domestic birds." -NYSP Facebook 
While it may not exactly be in their job description, a story like one this goes to show that no matter what, the fine men and women of the New York State Police are always there to save lives, regardless of species.

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