Have you noticed that more and more of your neighbor's lawns are overgrown this month?

This is a good reason for this. Researchers are asking people all over New York to put their lawnmowers away in the month of May and it is all for a good cause.

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Springtime is crucial to bees as it begins their life cycle. Newly emerged native bees are hungry and will look to fly from flower to flower to get nectar and pollen.

By not mowing in the month of May you are allowing floral resources that may be hard to find, to be available for the bees.

By allowing your lawn and the flowers on it to grow longer and bloom, your lawn can provide the nectar and pollen to help bees in your area thrive.

When you mow less, you help create an abundance of pollen and nectar for wildlife including bees and other pollinators.

If you can't or don't want to go the whole month without mowing, maybe reduced the number of times you mow the lawn in the month.

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