Starting tonight there Ninja Warrior Buffalo style is happening at Buffalo River Works!

Buffalo River Warrior is an all ages mixed-discipline obstacle course competition that combines elements of Ninja Warrior, Tough Mudder, and Spartan. Adult contestants are competing for bragging rights, as well as a $1500.00 cash prize, all other age groups compete for medals, personal achievement and the adoration of the fans.


  • Open runs through the obstacle course
  • Meet and Greet with the original Ninja Warrior, Isaac Caldiero


  • Open runs through the obstacle course
  • Meet + Greet with some of the warriors
  • Training for VIPs


  • Opening day of the River Warrior Tournament begins
  • Youngster Tournament


  • This is the main event, all qualifiers from the Adult Preliminary rounds will go head to head attacking the River Warrior Course.

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