New York State's latest law banning guns in certain places across the state has been upheld in a Federal Court.

This past summer, New York State passed several new gun laws which included banning guns in "sensitive areas" like schools, churches, and other public places.

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New York passed the new gun laws after a Supreme Court ruling invalidated the state’s system for granting permits to carry handguns outside the home.

After these laws were passed, several lawsuits were filed stating that those laws were unconstitutional. Those lawsuits were upheld by U.S. District Judge Glenn Suddaby, who agreed that there were some possible issues related to carrying firearms in public places and to licensing requirements.

On Wednesday, The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals passed a continued stay while it considers a motion from government officials opposing the injunction. That means the law will be allowed to be enforced until a ruling is issued.

As of right now in New York, it is illegal to carry a gun in public places like schools, churches, busses, and other locations. The new ruling does make an exception for people who have the “duty to keep the peace at places of worship, airports, and private buses.”. Those people will be allowed to have a handgun on their person in these locations.

Under the law that was passed earlier this year, all private property is off-limits to guns unless the property owner allows it. Also, anyone of legal age who wants to carry in public has to pass a character test and undergo 18 hours of firearms training, among other requirements.

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