If you buy items on-line from businesses such as Amazon take note that convenience could start costing you more. The passing of the recent State Budget has included an Internet Sales Tax.

The tax will apply to anything you buy online through a third-party retailer like Amazon.

Officials say it will put online hubs on the same page as brick-and-mortar stores.


The marketplace provider tax will require third-party retail sites – like Amazon, eBay and Etsy – to collect and remit sales tax when a buyer in New York purchases something from a retailer on their site.


There is speculation that it could cause more harm than good in Western New York.

"I do know, based on some of the estimates, that there are small counties in New York State that are losing money," Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said. "And I would not be surprised, it might not be Erie, but it would not surprise me that of the eight western New York counties, if three or four of them actually lose money because of this."


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