I was talking to a friend recently about the pressures she faces daily especially now that the kids are home for Summer.

She referenced, having to go to a stylist and get a manicure, and I said those are relaxing things though right?  That was my first mistake.  She replied no those are appointments.

So we got to discussing what she does to relax and she mentioned a floatation or isolation tank. The words were foreign to me.

So I referred to Holly Metz Doyle, another friend who had recently written a post for Buffalo Rising about the subject.

The idea isn't new and was researched as early as 1954 by  Dr. John C. Lilly which led to Floatation Spas. The Flo is one such spa in Buffalo and is owned by Joe Fambo and Sam Galbo.

Fambo described what happens during a float in an isolation tank...

He explained that during a float, your brain waves travel through several patterns. Fambo described what happens to your brain during a 90-minute float as follows:


  • Before you enter the tank, your brain is operating in Gamma (heightened, insightful) or Beta (alert, conscious) waves.

  • After entering the tank and closing the door, secluded in darkness, wearing earplugs so the only sound you hear is your breath, and floating with no intentional physical movement, your brain waves change to Alpha (mental and physical relaxation) waves within 30 minutes. During this time, muscles begin to relax and the spine begins to expand.

  • After another 15 minutes with no intentional movement Theta (creative, insight, dreamlike, deep meditation, and reduced consciousness) waves take over. It is in this state that the maximum benefits occur, as well as the potential for hallucinogenic-like effects.

    This may not be for the faint of heart although Holly was up for the encounter...

Intrigued? You can reference Holly's entire post here

(Buffalo Rising)

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