You know when you dash back to your car and hope you don't see one of those orange parking tickets on your window?  Well a local Buffalo Woman found a parking ticket but something else.

Parking Ticket
Allan Pospisil

WIVB reports today, the woman Lilly Williams,

found a bright orange parking ticket on her vehicle on Thursday, she didn't guess what was inside. Someone left $40 in cash- the amount of the ticket- and a note saying "Pay it forward" inside of the envelope.

Williams added,

"I was baffled, It's sad that things like this don't happen more often, but after I got past the shock factor, I was like wow, this is awesome...I'd love to know  (who did this) so that I can pay it forward, but I think that's kind of the point, It's a random act of kindness.

Just for fun, found a link with loads of random acts of kindness.  Just paying it forward.  :-)


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