For a girl who doesn't wear makeup much, I certainly own a lot.

I'm going on vacation soon (yay!) and in anticipation of wanting to get a little more dressed up than is usual for me, I stopped by makeup mecca, Sephora.


Sephora and I have had a long, complicated relationship. OK, maybe it's not so complicated -- they have all these things I want, and sometimes I buy a lot of them.

I was proud of my haul today, I kept my purchases to some useful basics, and only *one* thing that's new to me (the rest were replenishing products that have already passed the Val test). Though, I have to admit, I went down the shame spiral when the sales associate told me I how close I was to Rouge Status (Sephora addicts know what the significance of that is....for the uninformed, it's a nice way to say "damn girl, you buy a LOT of stuff here.")

Anyway, let's get to the good stuff before I let my credit card balance give me the sads.


I can't say enough amazing things about Anastasia's DipBrow Pomade. My RBF is just missing something without pronounced, defined, judgy-looking brows. I also finally ran out of MUFE's Ultra HD pressed powder, which is my favorite setting powder to use. It keeps all the work you've done with your Beauty Blender (new to me, and I already love it!), in place. I lost my trusty tube of Fresh's Sugar Rose Lip Treatment in my car somewhere, so that was on my list to get. It's SPF 15, ultra-moisturizing, and just enough tint where you look like you tried to put effort into your appearance, but then gave up. And because I'm probably the only woman in WNY without lash extensions, I used 100 of my 750+ points available (told you I had a problem) to pick up a small-sized tube of Buxom mascara.

While I can't vouch that Sephora's shelves are lined with all winners like these, let my discarded makeup box (everyone has one of these right? I mean you don't use it, but YOU CAN'T THROW IT OUT), speak for itself. None of these gems have ever found themselves in my Land of Misfit Sephora Purchases.

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