Last week New York State announced strict mask guidelines for children in daycares, summer camps, and other child care settings.

The requirement that children 2 and up must be masked at all times had a lot of parents shaking their heads -- for a few reasons -- but mostly because very young children haven't been subject to mask mandates in those settings during the pandemic.

Yesterday, the state reversed their position on masks for very young children.

WGRZ reports New York's Office of Children and Family Services and the state Department of Health issued a joint statement saying children 2-5 yrs old won't be required to wear masks at daycares and summer camps.

The policy change comes after a lot of protest from parents, including threat of lawsuits.

According to WIVB, dozens of daycares and hundreds of parents announced plans to file suit against the state on Monday, before the revision of the mask guidelines.

Attorney Corey Hogan was representing the group.

Opposition to a mask mandate for very young children wasn't about being opposed to public health -- Senator Robert Ortt commented to WIVB about how the rule was the "most impractical, enforceable directive that we yet had because of the population we’re talking about."

"I know with my nieces and nephews who are two – you’re lucky if they keep the rest of their clothes on at all times, their socks, shirts and everything else. So if a department of health person walks into a daycare provider, and there’s a two year old or a three year old without their mask on, are they going to be fined?” -State Senator Rob Ortt

Throughout the pandemic, very young children were not subject to mask mandates previously in daycare and camp settings.

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