The snow has come, and so has the cold.  But, we are not alone in Buffalo, most of the northern United States is experiencing cold, and many early record breaking low temps.


Not strange for this time of year, or is it?  Channel 7 suggest this is not the norm.

Roughly 75% of the US will experience freezing temperatures this week as an Arctic blast hits two thirds of the country. Over 55 million people are under winter warnings, watches and advisories. By Tuesday night, record-breaking low temperatures are expected across the country as the cold front moves off the eastern seaboard. As many as 300 records could be broken with temperatures more typical for January than November.

Here is Buffalo, from Channel 2 weather,

Record cold is up next with a record low possible today and again on Wednesday.  Highs today will only in the low to mid-20s. The record cold high temperature at the Buffalo airport is 31 degrees. The record low is 22. Both records will be broken. Wind chills will be in the single digits, even in the afternoon.

Tomorrow will offer some relief,

There will be a brief break in the action on Wednesday however more light snow was expected on Thursday and possibly Friday as well.


While, our Buffalo weekend weather might be back to warmer temperatures.  So, you can finally dig in the car for that lost ice-scraper.




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