Now is one of the busiest times for used car shoppers here in New York.

With high school graduation upon us and lots of kids heading off to college or getting their first full-time job, the market for used cars across New York is heating up.

I know firsthand how crazy it can get. We recently bought a used Nissan Altima for my son Avry and the process reminded me of the housing market in 2021.

As soon as a used car hit the internet, people were already taking a test drive or putting in offers.

So if you are in the used car market, here are the most popular used cars in New York for 2023.

Dodge Dart

I spoke with one used car dealer and he said that anytime he gets a Dart on the lot, he gets multiple calls on it. He said on average, a Dodge Dart will only last 2-3 days on his lot before it sells.

Chicago Auto Show Launches With Media Preview
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Ford Focus

A great starter car that looks great, the Ford Focus is another car that is flying off the used car lot.

Ford Announces Its Moving Ford Focus Production To China
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Honda CR-V

Another great starter car. The Honda CR-V is a stylist and known to last for a long time. Lots of parents are looking at the Honda CR-V as a safe, reliable ride for their kids

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Nissan Rouge

You can never go wrong with a good-priced SUV. The Nissan Rouge is another vehicle that is known for getting good mileage and for being a safe ride.

2017 New York International Auto Show
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Chevrolet Equinox

The smaller SUV is perfect for 1st-time car buyers. You get lots of safety features at a good price.

Chicago Hosts Annual Auto Show
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