Some people in Western New York think today should be considered a National Holiday.

Today is the birthday of the Buffalo Bills QB1 Josh Allen who turns 28. So in his honor, we wanted to share what Bills Mafia wants of the man, the myth, the legend!


If you have spent any time with members of Bills Mafia you know they absolutely love Josh Allen. The man can not do anything wrong. But are we a bit obsessed with him?

Yes...Yes we are, and now there is a website dedicated to one weird obsession we have with the 6'7" quarterback. Him in shorts during training camp and before games.

Why are we obsessed with him in shorts? I have no idea but if you ever talk to a Bills Mafia member for more than like 5 minutes, Josh Allen's legs will become part of the conversation.


Sure he is a good-looking dude and he is tall which means his legs are long and lean but why do grown adults stop scrolling when they see him in shorts? We may never know and that might be a good thing.

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But now there is a place you can indulge in your obsession with Josh Allen's legs. Someone has created a website that is just pictures of Josh Allen in shorts. Yep..a whole website to Josh Allen in shorts. Check it out HERE.

Of course, that is not the only place to get your Josh Allen in shorts fixes. Apparently, his shorts have their own Twitter page too. Check it out HERE.

Now enjoy some more photos on Josh Allen on his birthday.

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