Canada, Western New York loves you.

You're our comforting neighbors to the north.

You're our "go-to" place to move when something happens here in the US that we don't like.

You're also home to some of the best junk food that we in the states never get to see!  We're trying to play nice, but now, it's hitting close to home.

General Mills operates a plant right here in the Queen City, yet we're going to be deprived of two General Mills items:  Cinnamon Toast Crunch Oatmeal, and Lucky Charms Oatmeal.  They're on the shelves in Canada, but not here.  And they're not planning on releasing them here either.  Here's photographic proof it's in stores in Canada.

But that's not the only thing we're getting jipped out of.

Steph from Tonawanda texted us this....

We never get all the cool flavors of potato chips.  Or milk in a bag. Or Nestle Coffee Crisp candy bars.

Where will it stop?  How much more will we have to be deprived? ;)

Guess if you really want them...time to get that enhanced license, or your passport updated.

I'd be celebrating, too....




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