Dating is the pits nowadays. I have had my fair share of horror stories. Here are my top 5 dating deal breakers and I am pretty sure you can agree with me.



This list might be a no brainer but sometimes we tend to look past certain things because we want to be optimistic.

1. Bad breath, stinky, looks like they crawled out of bed. It is important to smell nice when on a date. You are trying to put your best foot forward. (Skip the onions guys especially if you want a kiss!) Look good, smell good and dress decent.

2. Rude to the waiter. If they are rude to the waiter there is a good chance they will be rude to you too. Get rid of them!

3. Glued to their phone. You are on a date trying to get to know someone, how do you expect to do that when you are glued to your phone? It is rude! Get off your phone and actually talk!

4. "I left my wallet at home." I had someone pull this on me before. You don't have "game." I repeat YOU DO NOT HAVE GAME. This is ridiculous. Don't dine and dash either. You could end up like Paul Guadalupe Gonzales and be faced with criminal charges.

5. Living at home, not legally divorced, doesn't see their kids. (Please know the majority of this are red flags) If they have kids and don't see them, such a red flag. If they are not legally divorced, yet another red flag. If they are living at home because they just got divorced and needed to be re-grounded, I can understand that. If they have never been out on their own before.... RUN!




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