Happy Father's Day to all of you amazing Dad's out there! What better way to spend the weekend than with a feel- good, father-daughter movie?



Vulture.com just released the top 10 Father-Daughter movies. Some of the titles seem a bit obscure which motivated me to make up my own.

5. "The Descendants" George Clooney plays a Dad who tries to connect both of his daughter's.



4." Little Miss Sunshine" This movie is absolutely amazing! Certainly one of my favorites!

3. "Mrs. Doubtfire!" How can you not love a movie about a Dad who loves his kids so much that he dresses up as their Nanny to spend more time with them?

2. "Father Of The Bride" I think every girl wanted to have Steve Martin as their Dad in this movie. He was so loving and supportive and let's not forget that amazing house! Absolutely stunning!

1. "What Women Want." I know this title is a little bit crazy. I chose this because as a teenager I could relate to the teenager in this movie. Dad's being embarrassing sometimes, being caught making out, and it is a cute, feel good movie!

Now, if your Dad is anything like my adopted Dad, he would prefer to watch "Die Hard!" lol. Love you Pops! Yippee ki yay!



If your Dad is anything like my Step Dad, he loves those "Grumpy Old Men" movies. LOL. Love ya, Rich!



Have Father's Day!


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