Today is National Best Friends Day and we wanted to share our best friends with you!

We all have that one special person in our life that is ALWAYS there for you and is considered your Best Friend! While I would argue that you can only have ONE Best Friend, I will concede that some people have more than one best friend!

So to celebrate National Best Friends Day...Meet (Some) of the Best Friends of the Mix Morning Show with Dave and Melody.

I will consider this a cop-out but it is also true..My Best Friend is my wife Elizabeth!

Dave's Best Friend: Elizabeth

Photo Credit: Dave Fields
Photo Credit: Dave Fields

Melody's Best Friend is Eric...They have only known each other for just over and met at Karaoke but have become Besties!

Melody's Best Friend: Eric

mel and eric
Photo Credit: Melody Nardone

Rob's best friend is Joe...They have known each other since 7th grade and met at school in Lancaster!

Rob's Best Friend: Joe

Rob and Joe
Photo Credit: Rob Banks



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