Sure we are in the middle of the summer but Fall is just around the corner here in Western New York.

Next week, Mayer Brothers Cider Mill is set to reopen for the season on August 3rd. While you might think cider and donuts are perfect for the Fall, they also taste great together in the dog days of summer and you will see lots of people make the trek over to the cider mill.

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This year will be Mayer Brother's 170th year in operation and as someone who grew up in West Seneca, it was always a family tradition to make the trip to the cider mill when they open.

If you plan on heading out to Mayer Brother's on opening day, just make sure you are ready for lines. Lots of Westen New Yorkers make that trip to pick up cider and donuts on the first day of opening.

Next week will be a busy one for "Must Stop" locations here in the 716. The Sunflowers of Sanborn is set to reopen to visitors on August 1st. On the other side of town, Hoelscher’s Sunflower Field will also open next week.

So if you play your cards right, you can take pictures in one sunflower field, stop for some cider and donuts for a treat, and then get more pictures in another sunflower field all in one day.

Also, if you are new to Western New York, a perfect way to start a new family tradition is to make the trip to the opening day of Mayer Bros Cider Mill.

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