A lovely story from WGRZ this morning.  That used mascara wands are saving wild animals.  

Attention make up fanatics, don't throw out that old mascara! Mascara wands aren't just for primping eyelashes anymore, the wands are now saving lives of orphaned and injured animals.


It's all happening at the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, in a non-profit organization in North Carolina.  People are donating their mascara wands, and then these small comb-like objects are used on injured and wild animals.


In particular, the mascara wands help animal rehabilitation experts gently remove dirt, grind, ticks and fly larva from all types of wild animals. If the fly larva gets into open wounds, it is often fatal to the animal. The close bristles helps gently remove these from the animal whereas tweezers could hurt the animal.

So, I'll start collecting, want to join me?





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