Maybe a "real" pet wasn't in the cards this past holiday season, so you went for the next best thing -- a battery-operated one!  They're cleaner, quieter, and take up less space.

If you've got little ones at home, there's a toy recall you should know about.

Moose Toys is recalling the Little Live Pets Lil Frog toys.  The company has received reports of the battery's cap popping off like a missile...or battery chemicals leaking.  Two incidents included kids being taken to the ER for eye irritation from the chemicals.

Check the frog's lower belly near it's left thigh and check for the following information:

Lil Frog -- SKU: 28217
Lil Frog Lily Pad -- SKU: 28218
Date code range -- WS112016 to WS 123216

If you've got one of these products, contact Moose Toys for a free replacement Little Live Pet product.  The frogs were sold in pink, blue, and green.



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