With summer, maybe your thoughts run back to those grand playgrounds you goofed around on with friends.  Hanging upside down from metal rings, and trying to knock each other off.


Started to get nostalgic, do you remember any of these pieces of equipment?  By the way, if you do, you were certainly born before 1990.  Here's a list: Merry-go-rounds, Teeter-Totters, metal slides or metal chain-linked swings, horizontal monkey bars, animal springers, and tether balls (my game).  They are all gone.  

Rick Tracewell

Because of state laws and other legalities, the typical playground isn't so typical anymore.  Here is a list of approved Buffalo playgrounds.

Do you think kids have gotten 'softer' because they don't play on the injury-prone playgrounds we did?  I mean it was time when at least my mom said "if you fall and hurt yourself, don't come crying to me!  Ha!  








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