Kids artwork is a treasure that keeps on giving.  To see their first project, and the growth through the years is absolutely priceless.  The problem is that the pricelessness comes at a price!


Whether you have 1 kid or 10, you know that the amount of artwork that makes its way home is astonishing.  It's great, but what do you do with all of it?  The basement fills up fast and you are left with a choice - Stash it or Trash it?!?

Kids Artwork bag 2

Guilt creeps in and you don't want to trash it, but you can't possibly hold onto all of the artwork.  The picture is of 1 bag of artwork for one of my kids.  We have 4 more like this.  They are both still early in their school careers so the storm is still coming!


We are still deciding what to do, but we did hear some great ideas from callers.  Some included having the kids pick a few items from each year to keep and trash the rest, taking pictures, and storing it all in bins and giving it to your kids as a graduation gift.  Another strategy (pictured below) is to save all the hand print artwork and make a collage.


No matter what you decide I'm sure your kids will thank you in the end.  They will have some priceless artifacts to keep or throw away!

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