Meet Molly, the ketchup robot.

She'll be part of this year's Erie County Fair, serving up everyone's favorite French Fry topping at Jim's Fries.

She's the brainchild of a Hamburg company, according to the Buffalo News, she was "created at Hamburg's Staub Precision Machine by a team that includes brothers Tony and James Staub."

She'll be serving up ketchup with some creative style -- she's meant to be part of a carnival atmosphere. The Buffalo News describes it, "As carnival music plays from a speaker hidden beneath a red-and-yellow canopy that will fit right in on the midway, Molly's robot arm picks up a small plastic cup and places it down on one of three carnival-themed holders — a test-your-strength hammer game, ferris wheel or merry-go-round."

Then the robot dispenses the ketchup, and it slides down a ramp to the waiting recipient.


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