You've probably seen this story on social media this week -- a Kentucky man built a 6-ft. tall snowman after a recent winter storm, and someone tried to take it down with an ATV -- only to find out (the hard way) the snowman's base was built around a tree stump.

The story of "Karma Snowman" has made the rounds because of its delicious schadenfreude, and as it turns out, the builder of the snowman? A western New York native.

The Buffalo News reports Cody Lutz, the creator of this frozen lightning rod of karmic judgment, is from nearby Bliss, NY.

"As a teenager in Wyoming County, Cody Lutz used to get so much snow at his home in Bliss that he could pile it high enough to snowboard from atop a shed out in the yard," says the Buffalo News.

Here's Cody's original post from Facebook.

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