You may have heard the saying that kindness is contagious, and that is exactly the case for one Dollar General in Western New York. 

One employee at the location in Silver Creek is creating a positive environment at the store by doing something as simple as leaving notes. 

Positive, encouraging handwritten messages are scattered throughout the store, and it’s all thanks to Nova Logan, one of the shift leaders at Dollar General. 

Logan has been working at the store for about a year now, and the notes started showing up when she began working there, according to WGRZ

It can be difficult to live a positive life if you are surrounded by negative people. Logan had many people come into the store and unload their negativity to her, and while she doesn’t mind lending an ear and being supportive, the negative energy was starting to weigh on her mentally.

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In an effort to break the cycle, Logan told WGRZ that she started putting positive messages around the store to help customers who may be having a bad day. 

Some of the positive messages are:

  • “You can change someone’s world with a smile.”
  • “BAH…just smile.”
  • “Never forget…you have a reason to be here!! Everyday”
  • “The world is a better place when you smile.”
  • “WHATEVER makes you happy, do MORE of it.” 

You can see more of those messages below, but it’s better to go see them for yourself at the Dollar General in Silver Creek. 

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