Spending one evening with my wife Elizabeth was eye-opening for me and let me to the conclusion that women are tougher than men!

This past Friday, my wife Elizabeth invited me to attend a Yoga class with her. In my head, I thought Yoga?? No problem. I work-out 5 days a week and been trying to increase my lifting weight for the past couple of weeks.

So when I hear Yoga, I thought please...downward dog, stretching, some nice relaxation music..it will be a breeze!

Boy...was I WRONG!! These ladies at Crunch Fitness where holding and doing poses that left me weak in the arms and gasping for breath!

From Pigeon pose to swaying warrior pose, my body got rocked and my muscles were screaming for pain.

As I glanced around the room looking to see who else was in pain, these women of all shapes and sizes were smiling and barely breaking a glisten. What was I doing wrong???

Apparently nothing! Friday was the day I learned that Women are tougher than Men!

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