Well, it's finally May 1st, the ice boom is out, we've had our share of April showers, so here comes the warmth. Not exactly.

While there will be some moderation this weekend, some sunshine and 60-degree temperatures, next week we will be back in the 50s again.

This Winter hasn't been an easy one for most of us as evidenced by damage to the Bird Island Pier which partially opened this week...

Just about every winter, there is some damage to this waterfront walkway, but this year's damage was very significant. Most of the damage happened the last week of February, when strong winds caused a seiche in the lake pushing sheets of ice up onto the Bird Island Pier bending or breaking dozens of railing posts from the Peace Bridge southward.


Reports are that the repair may be upwards of $100,000.  The Erie Basin Marina also experienced some damage from the same event but it is scheduled to re-open today.


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