In his new book, Food critic and author Arthur Bovino declares something most people in Buffalo already know...We are the home of GREAT Pizza!

In the latest article on, Bovino's excerpt from his latest book "Buffalo Everything" claims that Buffalo is truly the national ultimate place to grab a slice!

You can’t really find Buffalo-style pizza in other cities. The dough has the lightness of a focaccia, there’s always lots of cheese, and while the sauce does happen to be slightly sweet, that ends up being a nice contrast to the spicy oil pooled in the copious charred, meaty pepperoni.

Buffalo-style pizza has been described as a hybrid of Chicago deep-dish and New York, or somewhere between Detroit’s airy, high-lipped cheesy crust and New York City’s traditionally thin-crust pies.

Of course, we all know that Buffalo has a unique look as well with the cupped up grease filled pepperoni and gooey cheese.

A couple of months ago, we asked Mix 96 listeners, which local pizzeria was their favorite. Here is the Top 6!

6. Gino & Joe's Pizza

5. Buzzy's Pizza

4. Bocce's Pizza Club

3. Joey's Pizza 

2. Good Guy's Pizza

1. Wise Guy's Pizza

You can get Bovino's book "Buffalo Everything: A guide to Eating in the "Nickle City" HERE

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