We love our food and our beer here in WNY.  If you're just brewing that second cup of nasty office coffee this morning and thinking "Ya know, I wish there was a job I could sample world-famous beers and get paid for it", read on.

There's an internship up for grabs.  But not the kind of internship where you mindlessly file insignificant pieces of paper, go on coffee runs, and take lunch orders.  This internship has depth, weight, and character.

World of Beer (they actually have a location in the Walden Galleria) is offering another internship in which the intern will travel all over the world, drinking beer.  It's not an unpaid internship either...they'll pay $12,000 to the right candidate.

Are you qualified?  Well first, you should like beer.  Second, you should like travelling.  Third, you should be fairly ok at social media.  It's not rocket science. But it does sound like a heap of fun, with some great life-experiences lumped in. (Yes, you must also be at least 21 years old)

Last year, "Drink Interns" went from Cooperstown to San Diego...from the Czech Republic to the Guinness Brewery in Ireland.  What did they have to do?

Blog. Insta. Facebook. Tweet. Snap.

Basically, what every college intern does anyway.

You have until March 26, 2017 to apply.  After the first group of applicants is vetted, live interviews will take place in early April.




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