Power failures at this time of the year can endanger lives. Being prepared might be the key to keeping your family stay safe and comfortable.

1. If your power goes out, the first course of action should be to check the circuit breakers in your home's main panel.

2. Experts say to unplug electronics and appliances that use electric motors. Stay warm by making sure all your doors and windows are sealed securely.  It might also be advisable to put towels or blankets over window and door cracks to keep the cold out and heat in.

3. Let faucets drip to keep pipes from freezing. Always use generators outside to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

4. Maintain a non-perishable food supply (three days worth is recommended).

5. If you are keeping food in your refrigerator Keep the appliance doors closed. Fridges and freezers are well insulated, so food will keep for hours. In wintertine, snow or ice f can be placed in a plastic bag and put into the fridge or freezer to keep food cold.

The folks at AccuWeather have a more extensive list of safety measures here.

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