With the recurring ice storms we have been experiencing this Winter I thought it timely to investigate the proper way to fall on ice...like we have a choice.

According to the Harvard Medical School and it's NEW guide on how to fall correctly, here is the way to fall properly so you avoid serious injury.

Whether you're on ice or you just trip, one of the biggest mistakes people make is bracing themselves and putting their arms out.  That's how you break a wrist.  So instead, try to protect your head, and crumple to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

It is also recommended, in an ideal situation to Land on the side of your butt, or the side of your leg, which may result in bruising, but will probably prevent you from breaking something.

They also recommend the best way to get up after a fall:

Take it slow and get yourself onto all fours, with a slightly wide stance.  Then round your spine and stand up slowly, with your weight centered underneath you, and your arms hanging straight down toward the ground.

Maybe my next post will be how to choreograph your fall to music. (New York Post)

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