The Lent season is in full swing, meaning thousands of people will be looking to grab a delicious fish fry today. put out their list of the "Best Fish Fries In America" and four restaurants in New York made the list.


With the 40 days of Lent starting on Ash Wednesday, February 14th, and going until Thursday, March 28th, there will be plenty of people looking to grab a delicious fish fry.

Here are the best fish fries in New York State.

Sandy & Sons Kitchen in Syracuse, New York.

Located in the old Village Lanes bowling alley, Sandy & Sons kitchen is known to sell out quickly on Fridays.

Apple Granny - Lewiston, New York

Located near Niagara Falls, Apple Granny is known to not only eat locals but also the many tourists who come to visit the Falls. Apple Granny has been around for a long time, starting as a General Store in 1830.


Captain Jim's Fish Market - Rochester, New York

This is the newest New York location to make it to the "Best Fish Fries In America" list. Captain Jim is no stranger to winning or making lists. They are a five-time winner of City Magazine's "Best Fish Fry" contest.

Wiechec's - Buffalo, New York

While Buffalo is known as the home of the original chicken wing, it is also home to an amazing place for a Friday Fish Fry. Wiechec's is one of the many places in Western New York that serve up a fish fry that hangs over the plate.

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If you are now in the mood for an amazing Fish Fry, check out some places to grab one today.

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