We sent producer, Rob Banks out to see what it is like to use the *new* touch screens at McDonald's in West Seneca and you will be quite surprised at how easy they are...


Melody wrote a blog  about the new touch screens at the McDonald's in West Seneca and it went viral with over 500 shares on Facebook alone. We wanted to know how easy and or difficult it would be to use these machines.

There are 4 touch screens. Rob said it can get tricky for people who aren't familiar with this technology. There is a worker to help move the process along. In addition, there is also a cashier open if you want to use cash and or order the "old fashioned way."




Producer Rob Banks said,

"It's like using a giant Smart Phone"

When you order your food, it also tells you the calories that you will be consuming. (This may even help the obesity epidemic.)

Another good point is it may actually create more jobs because they do need servers to serve the food after you order it. This is much different than waiting around for your number to be called. 

Andy Cross
Andy Cross
The technology invading business to save jobs: Macdonald's
LightRocket via Getty Images



Do you think this is a benefit? What has your experience been like?

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