They have been talking about it for awhile and it is finally happening.


The 1154 Union Rd McDonald's in West Seneca got a huge tech make over. Remember how they were talking about replacing cashiers with those touch screens? Well, starting on Friday it is happening for real. Hello technology and good bye to the cashiers! 67 other WNY McDonald's will also be getting this makeover by the end of the year.

I am semi partial to this change. In one aspect, someone who knows how to use technology and knows what they want, this is a great benefit. I, however, do not want to be stuck behind someone who doesn't know how to use the machines. What about people who are not familiar with this sort of technology?

Do you consider it to be a hindrance or a benefit?

Ultimately, it replaced cashier jobs as well. Is this the first step in replacing humans with technology? It will save them money in the long run but could mean added frustration to the customers.

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