Someone has posted something on your Facebook that annoys you. You want to respond, get the last word. Wait...

Getting into a fight on social media rarely makes you look good, or makes you feel good.

Before you get into a Facebook fight, ask yourself why you're doing it, and are you really going to convince anyone.  Then if you do comment, don't just spew hate.  And try to be okay with not always having the last word.  The worst Facebook fights are the ones that never end, because both people want the last jab.

Some rules that experts say to follow include:

  • Why are you commenting - is it worth it, will you convince anyone, once you think it it worth it?
  • How much energy do you want to invest in it? Again is it worth the effort.
  • Keep it light and clever...don't spew hate.

After all that, I think it probably isn't worth the effort, what about you?


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