Just a year ago, August 1st, 1996, my two daughters (Joelle and Jacqueline), a golden retriever (Xena, Warrior Princess) and two cats (Ethel and Harpo), drove into town.  Buffalo, New York became our new home. We were all a bit scared, except for our golden, who is just always happy.

What a year it's been.  The people are the best, down to earth and hard working.  We've loved visiting everything: Canalside, Hoyt Park, food fests.  Being a part of Mix 96 has been pure joy.   But, I never would have ever dreamt that for my one year anniversary as a Buffalonian, I'd be part of a Harley Davidson ride.

Juli Bike

Before I moved here, had never even been on a bike!  Like all of the Buffalo folks I've met, the Harley guys and gals have been pure fun.  Well, last week my buddy and I joined 140 people for a lovely group ride, which started at American Harley Davidson in North Tonawanda, riding through Clarence, Lockport, Amherst and home while kids and grandparents gave us friendly waves as we drove past--what a ride!

Here are some rides, that---gulp!--I now want to take.

But, if you want to be part of a group ride, like I was lucky enough to do, here are some coming up.


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