I know it's only Monday morning, but I must confess, already thinking about happy hour.  Naughty, I know.


Now my home turf is Elmwood Village, so what do you think of this top then list of Elmwood Happy hours from Step Out Buffalo?   And, How many have been to?  Think I am up to nine out of ten.  :)

Here's the list:

100 Acres

Says Buffalo Rising, "Drinking at 100 Acres feels fancy, probably because it is. Happy houring here is the best because you get crafty cocktails for less and you’re drinking inside Hotel Henry."


My favorite is Vera, which Val told me about.  I had a bad blind date there, but the "Director" cocktail with bourbon, thyme syrup, and lavender, made everything fine.  :)

Mister Goodbar

According to Buffalo Rising, "With specials happening all day every day, Goodbar is always a solid happy hour pick. Pro Tip: Come hungry and come early on Thursdays and Fridays because when the free food is gone, it’s gone."

I like their Sunday Fundays, with $6 double screwdrivers or those $5 mimosas


Can't top the simple Buffalo Rising review of McGarrets, "This dive bar has 25+ craft beers on tap, and daily drink deals. Saving $0.50 per drink adds up quick if this is your regular spot."


Buffalo Rising really did their research on this place, "Specials start early and end late at Elmwood’s newest neighborhood bar. With different deals every night there’s always a good reason to drink and eat at Nine29.

Specials: Monday-Friday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

  • Mondays: $0.50 wings; $10 pitchers of Coors Light
  • Tuesdays: $5 margaritas; $3 tacos
  • Wednesdays: $15 bottles of wine; $10 meat and cheese boards
  • Thursdays: (Ladies Night) ½ off cocktails; ½ off hummus for ladies only
  • Fridays: $3 draft beers; $12 fish fry


JT’s Urban Italian

At this place it's the Wine and Pizza combos.  Great vino and wood-fired za-perfect!


Now at Aquacates it's the combo of tacos and Tequila and tacos-such fun!  Plust midweek they have 2 for 1 specials, more fun and savings.

Forty Thieves

"Drinking at Forty Thieves", according to Buffalo Rising, "somehow never gets old. Happy hour deals every weeknight totally helps. Craft beer drinkers and signature cocktails lovers can both find a reason to say yes to meeting here."

Cecelia’s Ristorante

Another fun write up from Buffalo Rising, "Do you like it dirty, fruity, or dessert-y? There’s a martini for you at Cecelia’s, and when they are half-priced and served on the patio you really can’t say no."  I Like their Monday Martini Mania, so yummy and with half priced select appetizers, you are set.

Milkie’s on Elmwood

Cool thing about Milkie's is the support for local talent, from music to comics on the rise.  And, then those $2 dollar drinks, delicious and frugal.

Thirsty Buffalo

Buffalo Rising wrote, "Thirsty Buffalo is a bar with a hometown feel. When your favorite team is playing, this is an ideal spot to grab a beer and a bite. With specials almost every day, drinking here won’t empty your wallet."

Thin Man Brewery

This had to make the list for the beer, burgers and those (how do you stop at one) bacon nubs.

Epic Restaurant and Lounge

I think it is the 2 for Tuesday that helps Epic make this list.  And, yes, their cocktails are delicious.  I would recommend their great beers on tap, and yummy appetizers.

Trattoria Aroma

Lastly, Step out buffalo says, "If you love to wine and dine, Trattoria is just the place. For an hour each day, *almost* everything is half off. Drinks, pizzas, and pastas for less is the right way to happy hour.

Happy with the list?  Eitherway-Cheers!



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