It's so nice to get away on the 4th of July. The weather was great this weekend!! I attended the Toronto Jazz Festival  and listened to one of my favorite groups the Roots. I love a great concert and good music.

 Toronto always has something going on. I don't know of anyone that can go to Toronto and say,"There's nothing to do".  I walked, I ate and laughed with friends. I talked so much that time escaped me and I realized I was running late to head to the border. My friend said "oh it won't be that bad" because all the Canadians are coming back in or they already came back yesterday. I reminded him that WE Americans still come to Canada regardless of the dollar and the bridge may be backed up. I was correct, an hour later I was still at the border. I could not help but think this is taking a long time and I just want a cup of Starbucks Coffee. It takes a little longer to do a thorough job. So I waited patiently and eventually made it home and brewed my own coffee. How do you feel about crossing the border?

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