Some people get hundreds of these a year.  Heck, some people get hundreds in a week!  If you get a cardboard box this week from Amazon, check it out, there might be more to it!

So many people are getting things delivered these days.  Where back in the day it used to be really special to get a package in the mail, now people are having everyday things like pet food, shampoo, and deodorant delivered right to their door.

If you have kids, you might not be a stranger to them playing with the box that the toy came in, even more than the expensive toy that you bought.

The other day, was the first that we had noticed that Amazon has taken what used to be a plain brown cardboard box and made it into a little something extra for people to get creative with.

They've begun a campaign that they call "#MoreThanABox."

They're giving kids (and adults) a chance to get creative with the thing they use to package their items in.  If you go to their website you can see some of the themes that they've got for the boxes.  They've got one that can be turned into a cowboy hat (by simply putting the box on a cowboy's head).  One that is a time capsule.  There's even a rollercoaster and a steam engine.

Ours was a garden.  It had little bugs and butterflies that we could cut out and then use as characters in the garden.

Check Out What Amazon Is Doing With Their Boxes

Gallery Credit: Brett Alan's simple.  But if you're going to be getting them on your doorstep all the time, they might as well serve an extra purpose other than taking up space in your recycling bin!


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