The Buffalo Bills are getting ready for training camp in Rochester this month and the excitement surrounding this team is huge. From coast to coast, the Buffalo Bills are the talk of the NFL. The team led by Josh Allen has been predicted to go far in the playoffs and anything short of a Super Bowl run would be a little surprising for most. But, the players are focusing on what is in front of them and not getting too far ahead. It may be the very thing that is their competitive edge.

OR, perhaps it is the work ethic the players on the current Buffalo Bills roster have. For the players, there is no off season and after the way the last season ended, there is a score to settle and the work doesn't stop when the last whistle blows.

This video of wide receiver Gabe Davis is proof that in order to get to the highest level and maximize your potential you need to work hard. Every. Day.

If nothing else, this Buffalo Bills team is a huge inspiration. If you are a person training for something or working toward a promotion or trying to take something in your life up a notch, nobody is going to give it to you. You have to grind. Yes, there is video of this Gabe Davis workout. But can you imagine the work he puts in the we don't see? It's more than just talent and catching a ball on Sundays. To be the best, you have to train like it.

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