It's been sooooo cold the last few days. Luckily for area hawks, there is an Buffalo man watching out for them.

Hawks Homeless After Eviction From NYC Co-Op
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In a WGRZ report today, Amherst Highway employee, Tim Boyle posted on Twitter he had rescued an adult red tail hawk from freezing.  

"Tim Boyle spotted the hawk on Meadowstream Drive near Daemen College in the Town of Amherst...The hawk was frozen, so Boyle rescued the hawk and brought it to his truck where he wrapped it in a blanket in an attempt to warm it up."

After the Tweet, Animal control was called.   The hawk was then moved to the SPCA, where an incubator is helping recovery.   As of this afternoon, the Amherst Highway says the hawk is on the mends, and they plan on returning it to its' nest soon.  

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