Free kids lunches Monday-Friday in Buffalo right now!




As part of the no student goes hungry initiative, your child can have free lunch at area playgrounds. All you have to do is type in your zipcode here:

This service serves healthy meals to kids. Our children are such a precious resource that we need to make sure they have access to healthy, farm fresh foods. This is actually included in the budget for 2019 lunches all across NYS where all students get free lunch from Kindergarten all the way until college. That's right! College! I wish I had this service in college instead of loading my food card all the time. This is a way to end lunch shaming as well.

You can also text text “food” to 877-877 to find the specific locations if you don't want to visit the website.

You don't even need to fill out paperwork! You just show up! Happy eating!



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