Get FREE Buffalo Chicken Wings tomorrow during lunchtime.



Sticky Wings an England based restaurant which is in town due to The National-Buffalo Chicken Wing fest is giving away FREE wings tomorrow at The Buffalo Niagara Visitor center which is located at Clinton and Washington st. It starts at noon and goes until the supplies run out.

Sticky Wings calls itself, "the UK's original Buffalo wing restaurant." Of course they offer Frank's Hotsauce as well!

So, send the kids off to school tomorrow and then head to The Buffalo Niagara Visitor center to snag some free chicken wings. I wonder how they taste?

They were featured at The National-Buffalo Chicken Wing Fest over the weekend. I didn't get the opportunity to try their wings, but I did hear they are pretty phenomenal.

I guess I will find out tomorrow when they give away FREE chicken wings. I seriously can't wait. Who doesn't love FREE lunch?


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