This weekend social media was up in arms over what was the worst lane painting job in the history of Buffalo, New York.

Pictures of the crooked and curvey painted lines on Forest Ave had people all over Western New York up in arms over how could someone do a job like that.

GObike Buffalo
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GOBike Buffalo has received grants wot work with the City of Buffalo to see where bike lanes are needed and make sense along roads within the city limits.

They were testing out the bike lanes on Forest Ave but when they added the temporary bike lanes, there were no center lanes and drivers were becoming confused.

To help out drivers, they quickly added some temporary center lanes, which lead to the crooked and curvy center lanes you see in the above picture.

New temporary lines will be repainted early next week depending on the weather and GObike Buffalo will collect data on the usage of the bike lanes along Forest Ave through November to see if permanent lanes should be added.

A mini speed bump will also be installed on a temporary basis during the data collecting time frame.

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