Heavy rains across New York State has to lead to a Flood Warning being issued for parts of New York State.

The National Weather Service in Buffalo said a Flood Watch has been issued through Tuesday night as more lake effect rain is expected to impact the area around Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

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Stationary lines of rain are expected to bring more than normal amounts of water to areas around the lakes and that could cause possible localized flooding across Western New York.

The rain could lead to possible flooding of roadways across the area as well. Police are reminding people to remember the saying "Don't Drown, Turn Around" and avoid driving through and over flooded roads.

The National Weather Service stated that it only takes 6 inches of water to move a car from the road and cause loss of control and possible stalling. 12 inches of water can float many vehicles and two feet of water that is moving is strong enough to move SUVs and Pickup trucks. 

We are expected to see rain all day Monday and most of Tuesday before getting a bit of a break on Wednesday. The best chance for sunshine will be on Thursday of this week.

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