So, how into Olympic Figure skating are you?   Here is a test: do you get really excited when you turn on the television and it's NOT curling, but instead figure skating?  I do.  It's such fun and anxiety provoking at the same time.  Will S/he make that jump?  And what about the addition of over-the-top Weir and Lipinski?  They have made these Olympic skating events extra sassy.  Loving it!

Johnny Weir has his bird nest hairdo, and sequined jackets, and Tara Lipinski has those high heels and high fashion dresses. Plus, their skating commentary is funny, sometimes biting,  and full of inside scoop insights.

Well, not sure what to do with myself, when it's all over. But, let's not go there now.  Here is list of upcoming skating to watch :)

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